Twilight Premiere – First Look!

It’s almost here! The London premiere of Twilight is happening at 6pm tonight at the West End Vue in Leicester Square. Before we get all vamped up, we thought this would be a great place to ask one of our favourite Twilighters, Stephanie B From Twilight, share her thoughts on last month’s press screening of Twilight…

On Sunday 23rd of November was held the very first UK screening of the movie Twilight. The screening took place at the VUE theatre in Leicester Square (London) and we were kindly given a copy of the book and an apple as a welcome gift. How thoughtful, how “Twilightish”!

E1 (the UK distributor) had booked 2 rooms and the reactions were different in each room when the movie was shown : ) The room I was in was mesmerised during the 2 hours that the movie lasted! The other room “screamed” a little when Edward came in the picture…

I didn’t know what to expect. How can you turn a best-seller book with millions of fans and not disappoint any of them in your attempt to turn it into a movie?

How can you stay faithful to the spirit of the book when you have studio and budget constraints?

The truth is, every one of us is a Director with an ideal cast and a precise idea of what that movie should be like. What we watched in that room and what you will see in theatres on December 19th, is Catherine Hardwicke’s vision of Twilight. I loved her vision, it was not a letdown.

Not all the scenes in the book made it to the final cut and new scenes have been added in order to make it more varied, not just Bella’s room, the cafeteria or the Volvo… That could have been dull for a movie.

I have to say, I enjoyed the way it was filmed; with lots of close-up which reminded me of Stephenie’s intimate writing style. I smiled to myself when I saw that Little Brown (Stephenie’s publisher) and Stephenie herself made an “appearance” in the movie!

The cast was brilliantly casted. Charlie “Chief” Swan was a wonderful surprise! His relation with Bella is just as awkward as it is in the book! His relation with Edward was… hilarious! Mike Newton cracked me up and we see a lot more of the school kids than the Cullens.

Kristen’s Bella, appears as a strong 17 year old girl. She is under Edward’s spell but keeps it together and she’s adorably clumsy. Robert’s chemistry with Kristen is OBVIOUS. He’s dazzled by her! Mood swings, tortured soul and crooked smiles: Edward is rightly portrayed. The Cullens were the Cullens as you picture them: you feel Jasper’s pain, you want to be friend with Alice, Emmett makes you smile, Rosalie is mean, Carlisle is the good father and Esmé the loving mother. The vampire baseball game was just so much fun to watch! The bad vampires were scary and dangerous; you don’t want to bump into Victoria…

The music completed every scene and Kirsten’s voice gave power to some less dynamic scenes. I have to say that the Twilight soundtrack gathered some very talented artists and Robert’s song was played at a key moment in the movie.

The “Forks atmosphere”, as I like to call it is exactly as described in Stephenie’s book: green, wet, foggy and beautiful: that’s Forks, there’s no doubt! I will borrow one of my Twilighter’s words and says that “the sets and locations were drenched in raw beauty”. Unbelievable.

Bella and Edward’s relationship is complicated and not easy to translate on screen. I think the relationship wasn’t given enough time on screen to mature into the passionate romance we all know. I just wish we had more moments with them…

I loved that movie. I believe it is true to the original Twilight spirit. It is not perfect but practice makes perfect and I can’t wait to see what New Moon and Eclipse will be like ; )
The audience was dazzled and I even saw some tears ; ) The magic of Twilight is there, the essence was captured!

I wanted to thank for giving us the opportunity to guest blog on Stephenie’s website and share our feeling about Twilight the movie. Thank you.


Posted December 3, 2008