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Twilight Series Epic Readalong!

The countdown to the release of Midnight Sun has begun. No matter where you are in the world, you can get involved with the epic Twilight series readalong by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


To get involved, simply tag @AtomBooks and @TrustTandem (on Twitter) and @TandemCollective (on Facebook and Instagram) and share your thoughts, responses, quotes and hopes for Midnight Sun, because soon it will be Edward’s turn . . .



Shareable Twilight Readalong asset: Page 55 Why do you think Edward worries about Bella finding out about him? What would you say if you were him? Twilight Series Readalong asset: page 94 What do you think about Edward's teasing of Bella? Do you wish he'd just been upfront all along?   Twilight Series Readalong asset: Page 111 Try to imagine you're Bella, how do you think you'd have reacted if someone told you that the boy you liked was a Vampire?  Twilight Series readalong: Page 171 How do you think Edward is feeling about the Port Angeles incident? Why do you think he feels he needs to protect Bella?  Twilight Series Readalong: Page 239 'I shivered in the warm sun, seeing my memories a new through his eyes' Are you enjoying the insight Edward is giving us, do you think it helps you to understand the connection between the two?

Twilight Series Readalong: Page 353 Do you think Bella's idea is a good one? Worth hurting Charlie for? What do you think Edward is really thinking?

Twilight Readalong: Page 391 Did you enjoy learning more, if only a little, about Alice's past? Who else would you like to learn more about?Twilight Series Readalong: End - Do you think Bella is making the right decision wanting to be immortal? Why do you think Edward is so reluctant?